Zipp 3ZERO Moto Rim, 27.5"

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27.5 | Rear | 32h | Silver/Stealth graphic $1,279.00 $1,299.00
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Zipp’s new 3ZERO MOTO carbon is inspired by moto to provide riders with the control and durability required for pure speed.

Our single-wall approach, what we call Moto Technology, allows the rims to “pivot” from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. As the wheel encounters obstacles, each edge of the rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension. For the rider that means durability and control for greater speed.

  • Higher impact resistance
  • Reduced chance of pinch flatting
  • More traction in rough corners
  • Smoother ride in rocky terrain
  • Ability to run lower tire pressure
  • Reduced rider fatigue


  • Radial Compliance – When you hit a rock, the systems is designed to act as a shock absorber. The rim absorbs the impact energy and spreads it away from the impact zone for increased durability.
  • “Ankle” Compliance – Image a runner rounding a sharp turn, the ankle flexing to maintain grip as the runner leans. The rim can locally flex to stay parallel to the ground during cornering, which increases traction much like a human ankle. This ability to twist locally allows it to deflect during single bead impacts without the rider getting bounced off line.
  • Rim - Carbon
  • Tire compatibility - Clincher Tubeless Ready
  • Rim - inside width 30mm
  • Spoke count - 32
  • Weight: 27.5" - 536g
  • Included - Tubeless valve, Rim strip and tubeless rim tape, Washers