Surly 24-Pack Rack

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If you like to ride useful bikes, racks make a lot of sense. Our 24-Pack Rack ups the useable cargo space from our 8-Pack Rack, providing more real estate for more stuff: more beer, more food, more random bits from the hardware store, more whatever. No one likes a sweaty back and a sore ass, so take your stuff out of that messenger bag and put it on the front of your bike.

Key Features
  • It’s manufactured from cromoly tubing and uses the same stainless steel hardware supplied with our rear touring rack
  • And it offers the same height adjustability, so you can keep your cargo close to the ground and stable
  • It has plenty of braze-ons, too, so you can customize how you secure your cargo…or just light your bike up like the space station
  • The 24-Pack Rack attaches to most forks that feature mid-blade and crown eyelets
  • It gives you a stable, rigid assembly upon which you might place your burden Rack Specifications:
  • Weight Limit: 13.6kg
  • Finish: ED Coating + Powdercoat
  • Rack Material: Tubular 4130 Cromoly
  • Platform Dimensions: 270 x 400mm