Shimano RT800 Ultegra Ice-Tech CentreLock Rotor

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The shimano SM-RT800 brake rotor impresses with Ice Tech FREEZA, an absolutely superior technology for optimal heat dissipation and dirt repulsion.

Two layers of stainless steel enclose an aluminium core, making three parts total. The SM-RT800 was developed especially for the Ultegra BR-R8070, but is also compatible with other flat mount brakes.


SHIMANO’s ICE TECHNOLOGIES has realized the ultimate rotor, incorporating aluminum fins for enhanced heat control. With an increased surface area for heat dispersion, the rotor achieves a 50°C reduction in heat. This in turn generates a 20% increase in braking force durability and a 20% longer pad life.


  • Stable and versatile brake performance in the most demanding conditions
  • High-performance and consistent brake performance
  • New ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction for boosting heat dissipation
  • Average weight - 128g (160 mm), 108g (140 mm)
  • Pad Compatibility - Metal, Resin