PeakFuel Hydration Powder
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PeakFuel Hydration Powder PeakFuel Hydration Powder PeakFuel Hydration Powder

PeakFuel Hydration Powder

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What is it?
  • 500g of re-hydration formula
  • a modest 5.5% carbohydrate of which just under half is long chain maltodextrin and the balance simple sugar, a much more balanced sugar structure than most on the market (most simple sugars and 8 - 11%, too sweet)
  • high levels of biologically available Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and importantly, Magnesium, all critical in the delay of the onset of cramp.
  • sorry no fat or protein, you need to eat real food for that!

  • we need to be using 600 to 800ml of fluid with useful salts for every hour of active exercise, but to be effective it needs 5-6% carbohydrate as salt uptake is an "active" process that needs those sugars.
  • trouble is, most drinks are too sweet to take at full strength, we dilute them down and then dilute down those essential salts, not with PeakFuel!
  • PeakFuel Hydration Formula has been designed to taste dead right when you make it up correctly (1 scoop to 190ml of water) and to be used while exercising.

How to use it?
  • it's designed to be used while exercising, not with your gin (though feel free if necessary), definitely use it during or after any workout, you will love it!
  • YES, it is hard to dissolve, that's because it has maltodextrin and no artifical flavours or mixing ingredients, so always make it up in a bidon (that’s a water bottle to you non cycling devotees).
  • the PeakFuel Bidon has the scoop lines on it, put in the number of scoops required, add some H20 (water to non scientists) and do the "PeakFuel shake" for 30 seconds or so, then fill it up to the right line and ride!


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