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With a length of only 40 cm, this waterproof handlebar roll is the right selection for bikepackers with off-road drop bars, road-bike handlebars or hybrid-bike handlebars. Although this handlebar roll has a narrow width and is especially lightweight, it offers a payload of 9 liters, which means it gives you ample space for large-volume, but lightweight items such as sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

The roll closures on both sides enable quick and convenient access while reliably keeping your stuff dry even in the pouring rain.The Handlebar-Pack S can be securely attached to any handlebar type using the mounting system, which consists of spacers and two sturdy and highly adhesive Velcro straps. 

Key Features

  • Two straps and eight spaces for attaching to different handlebar types
  • Internal plastic stiffeners
  • Strap for fixing around stem
  • Further mounting straps
  • Compression straps and elastic top cords
  • Small
    • volume: 9Lt
    • height: 16cm
    • width: 45cm
    • depth: 16cm
    • weight: 375g
  • Medium
    • volume: 15Lt
    • height: 20cm
    • width: 58cm
    • depth: 20cm
    • weight: 420g