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Before Carbon Fibre became the new best thing to make bicycles and their components from, we were used to just tightening a clamp and the item being clamped staying put. Fine for Aluminium/Steel/Titanium; not so for slippery Carbon Fibre. At best your seat post would gradually slip down leading to irritation and progressively more tired legs and at worst, because you know its a bit slippery, you over tighten and then "snap"....... Time for a new seat post as the last one now has a lovely crack through it!

Key Features
  • Increases the friction between previously slippery carbon fibre surfaces
  • Eliminates the need for you to over tighten and risk damaging your lightweight parts
  • Long-lasting as so little is required per application
  • Simply apply to component interface area's and tighten to manufacturers recommended torque settings
  • Size: 50ml