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Brake Juice is a high performance, fast drying, disc brake cleaner, designed for - surprisingly enough – cleaning your disc brake pads and rotors! Over time contaminants build up on your pads and rotors that reduce the friction between them. This can happen quite quickly to the point you notice straight away or more likely it happens over time and you don’t notice it much as the incremental difference on each ride is less. Regardless, you are either having to pull harder on the brake lever to achieve the same stopping power or you are braking earlier and for longer to slow down in time for your next obstacle – neither of which is an ideal situation! A quick blast of Brake Juice will restore sharpness to your brakes in no time, meaning later, harder braking for the same finger effort (which can in turn reduce arm pump) and quicker times.

Brake Juice has a chlorine-free formulation that will not do any of the following:
  • Contaminate the pads and reduce their friction with the discs
  • Cause that incredibly annoying squeaky brake syndrome which immediately gives it away to your mates when you brake on the easy bits that apparently no one else does
  • Harm the plastic, rubber or paintwork on your bike
  • Leave a residue
  • Size: 600ml