Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube

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Ceramic WET is Finish Line's most advanced and most effective racing lubricant. This wet-style full synthetic lubricant is enhanced with a nano-sized platelets of boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. As Ceramic WET builds it's ceramic coating on the frictional surfaces of a drivetrain, cyclists will feel the smoothness and appreciate the added quietness. Ceramic WET ensures maximum drivetrain efficiency. This performance level often provides a physiological (reserved energy) and psychological (confidence) advantage for cyclists during climbs and sprints.

Key Features
  • can be used in all disciplines: Mountain bike, cyclocross, road and track racing
  • Application tips: Apply generously to clean chain (Degrease, rinse with water and then dry.) Work in, wipe excess. Reapply after 1st ride to complete ceramic coating process
  • Patented Nano-Ceramic Chemistry
  • For Hi-Torque Pedalling over Ultra-Long Distances
  • Smooth and Quiet, Great for Racing
  • Totally repels water
  • Sizes: 60ml/120ml bottle

Note: The white ceramic particles may turn grey or black over time. This discolouration is normal and will not compromise performance. After several applications this will lessen.