EVOC Road Bike Pro Travel Bag

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Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation.

EVOC's hybrid concept: "Soft where possible, hard where necessary!"

2021 model key updates:

  • The position of the top shell: The cockpit side of the hard shell has been raised to the same level as the back so that the bike is in a more efficient position to gain more space for high cockpits
  • It also gets the new BIKE STAND PRO. The BIKE STAND PRO positions the Bike in a more efficient way taking into consideration of the bigger chain rings used on road bikes
  • The BIKE STAND PRO also has an enlarged maximum wheel base, for the use of gravel bikes that often have longer geometries than road bikes
Key Features
  • Bike fitting proof – only wheels and pedals needs to be removed.
  • Extralight and ultrasafe hybrid construction – collapsible.
  • Easy to travel with – thanks to extra wide wheel chassis, clip on wheel and multiple handles
  • Including new ROAD BIKE STAND for easy fixation and extra safe transport
  • Volume: 300L
  • Weight: 11kg (including bike stand)
  • Size: 142 x 92 x 53cm (inside 130 x 84 x 50cm)
  • Collapsible to 142 x 38 x 53cm
  • Maximum wheelbase: 106cm