DZ Nuts High Viscosity Chamois Cream

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The mission statement of DZ Laboratories, LLC is "Maintenance." The term coined by DZ encompasses what has been missing from chamois creams since the beginning, maintaining the taint and not just lubrication. Treating and preventing saddle sores is accomplished by a four point strategy.
  1. Eliminate chaffing, the precursor of saddle sores
  2. Anti-inflammatory action soothes irritated skin
  3. Wound healing actives heal existing saddle sores
  4. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial reduces chance of infection
This is Maintenance. It is not just an innovation but a revolution. This is the dznuts difference. Nothing but the best for your goods. DZNUTS is scientifically formulated to make you ride like the wind, minimizing the effects of chafing and burning every time you ride.