BOX One E-Bike 9 X-Wide Groupset

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Our Box One tier is for those of you who just aren't satisfied with anything but the BEST! You like to get up there where the air is thin and the details matter.

Every single cog on the 11-50T cassette is steel, yet it barely tips the scale at 360 grams; along with the chain, its surface is Dual-coated with DLC + Nickel and is both beautiful and durable. Your thumb will push a textured die-cast lever on a shifter that's had its hinged clamp whittled away by our CNC machines.

Let's finish this package off with a derailleur that flaunts a Fully Adjustable Tri-Pack™ Clutch and super smooth sealed bearing pulleys. Pamper yourself a little; you know you deserve it.

Groupset includes

  • Shifter:  Lightweight Hinged & Machined Clamp, Fast Action Release Lever,  130g
  • Derailleur: Adjustable Tri-Pack™ Limited Slip Clutch, Precision Sealed Bearing Pulleys, Forged Inner and Outer Cage, 290g
  • 11-50t Cassette: Steel Lightweight Unibody Construction, Ultra-Wide Ratio & Consistent Progression, Standard Freehub Body (HG), 365g
  • Chain: Durable Dual-Coating DLC & Nickel Protection, Durable Hardened Solid Pins, Wide/Narrow Chainring Compatible, 350g


Note: Compatible With Most 3RD Party Modern Wide/Narrow Chainrings.