E-Bikes for Mountain Biking

Ride more trails, scale bigger hills, have more fun, ride with your mates, ride with your family. Whatever your motivation a quality pedal assist mountain bike (e-bike) puts you back in-charge of where you go, and how much fun you have.

Let's be honest - mountain biking is hard work, and you have to be fit to get the most out of it. Pedal assist mountain bikes have been designed to give you a helping hand when you need it, and to take a back seat when you don't. As you pedal up the hill the motor silently comes to life and helps power you to the top. With a range in excess of 50km you will be able to ride for longer, return home less fatigued. Older riders, those with injuries or riders that have a busy work/life balance can now ride with their fitter/younger buddies and ramp up the fun levels like never before.

As e-bikes have evolved so has the quality and satisfaction of owning one. Performance motors, long life batteries, 'normal' mountain bike handling and components - the golden age of pedal assist bikes is here, and more and more people are having their horizons expanded. Come in today for a test ride and see how an e-bike can power you to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

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