E-Bikes for Commuting & Leisure

There is nothing like the feeling of being one step ahead. Skipping the queue, getting a free upgrade, a reserved parking spot on a busy day in the city. A quality e-bike is your ticket to a life lived ahead of the curve.

For commuting there is no better vehicle. You experience all the sensory pleasures of being on a bike, but with the silky smooth, quiet and efficient motor taking all of the hard work out of it. You will arrive at work faster, fresher and more relaxed than you ever did by car or public transport. Parking headaches and travel costs are a thing of the past. Fuel bills don’t exist - which frees up money for a few more relaxed lunches or after work drinks. It’s no wonder the e-bike revolution is sweeping the world, it’s time you jumped on-board.

A modern, high quality e-bike is the perfect way to relax at the weekend. Cruise down the cycle way to the beach or enjoy a ride with your friends to a local vineyard - with a range of over 70km the options are endless. E-bikes are as fun to ride as they are practical; comfy seats, integrated lights and fenders, stylish accessories, easy storage. It’s no wonder that e-bike owners are so enthused by the positive impact it's had on their life.

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