Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube

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Finish Line's Ceramic-WAX is an advanced wax-based lubricant featuring nano-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. Ceramic WAX creates a coating with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Every time Ceramic WAX is applied, the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants! Ceramic WAX ensures total drivetrain cleanliness without the 'distance' compromise that other wax lubricants require.

Key Features
  • no 'wetness' or stickiness on your chain or parts, so dirt or grime are not attracted or absorbed by the lubricant
  • by avoiding abrasive wear, parts run more smoothly and last much longer
  • engineered to not have a wax film that will buildup over time
  • Patented nano-Ceramic Chemistry
  • Smooth & Quiet and extremely durable
  • Perfect for dry climates & dirty conditions
  • Builds ceramic coating on frictional surfaces
  • Sizes: 60ml/120ml bottle